Nick Achee

Hi, I'm Nick

Welcome to my site, glad you could make it. Get comfortable and take a look around. I spend most of my time thinking about technology or teaching others how to use technology for business. Whether it's an artisan chocolate maker, a real estate team, or a trading company moving goods from Shanghai to Los Angeles, there is always a digital strategy to implement, and I'm the person who does that. Over the past four years, I've worked with businesses by helping them establish their goals and set up their marketing plans, as well as operations workflows. I'm always open to new ideas and projects and hope to help you discover a digital solution that will fit your needs.

In my free time, I obsess about the future of the internet and how it will affect markets and reshape society. Over the last year, I've established a keen interest in Next.js, a React Javascript framework for JAMstack web development as well as project management for small businesses.

My favorite tools are Notion, VSCode, Figma, Adobe CC, Hubspot, Google Workspace, Google Ads, Google Analytics and Email Octopus. With just these few tools set up properly, you can execute initiatives that whole departments would have been responsible for just a few years ago

Extremely adaptable and a world-class Google researcher. Deeply passionate about Innovation.