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Visually Modeling Real Estate Data


Whats going on in the housing market?

Over the past few months, I've been going through this, idea maze with real estate data and data visualization tools. I have been trying to figure out how to better understand the price changes in local real estate markets. To do this I am using a data tool called, which can filter and render information on a map, very neatly. This will help us better understand market forces, answer some questions, and eventually lead us to better questions.

So what we have is the last 360 days of market data for Dana Point plotted on a map. The height/altitude of the candlesticks on the map corresponds to the price per square foot. The color of the candlesticks corresponds to the % Change in the List Price of the property and the actual Close Price of the property.

Using the tool below, here is what I notice.

The first thing that I notice is a huge flood of light to dark green candlesticks appear everywhere except along the coast. The red candlesticks along the coast are selling below their List Price. Pro Tip: Click the 🂠 icon on the map to enable the legend.

We can see from the height of the candlesticks, the homes along the coast are selling below their List Price. Home also located in various gated communities are selling way above their List Price..

Still Refining this Idea. be back soon :)